Brainwashing is cool again!

So I was poking around on Reddit and I discovered this:
You read that right, folks. And it’s not just on posters. You can get a t-shirt, too!

And it’s not just the folks at Kerusso pushing this new meaning of “brainwashed”. Happy Caldwell thinks we need to be “brainwashed with the word of God”. Eziaha rejoices at being “spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word”. Jodi Woody happily tells us all of this:

So yes, I wash my brain and if you go to a good Church they will ask you to wash yours too. They may even say, “repeat after me.”

Less you think that just repeating a few lines on Sunday is enough to brainwash you, think again. True brainwashing happens by repeated and continual exposer. So, repeat, read your Bible, and then do is all again. Daily.

Happy washing!

Oh, dear.

Happily, there remain Christians who still use the traditional meaning of “brainwashing”, but the number of Christians using this silly new meaning appears to be growing. All I can say to that is: thank God I’m an atheist, so I don’t have to be lumped in with these people.

To everyone insisting on using this trusty old word in a stupid new way: brainwashing is not a cool thing, and it’s not clever to dress it up as something innocuous. So stop saying you’re proud to be brainwashed and learn the meaning of words.