Attributing Barney

The following is an image that I’ve seen on several sites, and it’s one that I feel deserves proper credit, because it’s marvelous:

Barney says,
Lorem Ipsum #13, by Gene Cochrane

You can see for yourself why I and so many others are fond of it. But it took some looking to find the original; most of the people who posted it didn’t say who made it, let alone provide links to the source. I was lucky to find one site that attached the tag “babybeebooks” to it, and even then, it took me some time to find this comic within the site (there are many comics on Babybeebooks, by several artists, and this comic was located in the “Music” section… it’s a wonder I ever found it). So, I am posting it here, clearly labeled and linked, so that the world may know who is responsible for creating this thing of beauty.

Remember, kids: sourcing is caring!